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Books by Maurice G. Cabirac

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The Lie


Several years ago, in preparation for a Bible Study, while reading in the Book of Genesis about the fall of mankind, author Maurice G. Cabirac recognized a truth that had never been taught or communicated to him and possibly many others. A truth that would have staggering implications on human life and on ‘religious’ thought. A truth that caused Maurice to reconsider much of what he had been taught in his many years of personal theological study.

In Maurice’s second book, you too can discover this truth that is verifiable and very difficult to deny. It is the truth of how all mankind has come to believe one thing universally yet, what we believe is simply not true and it is very destructive. You will discover - The Lie.



What does it mean to be truly free? In Freedom: A Commentary on the Book of Galatians, author Maurice G. Cabirac exposes the new way God deals with his children. Through scriptural and personal insights, Maurice weaves new life into timeless spiritual truths.

  • True righteousness has nothing to do with what you eat or drink, where you go, or who you hang around with. It has to do with the motivation of the heart. A heart motivated by love and moved by the Spirit of God is the heart that pleases God.

  • Always remember this, the law is external, it demands the flesh to perform; but there is another law, one not written on tablets of stone or ink on paper-the law of the Spirit of life!

  • Contrary to the theology of some, the Christian life is not just one big battle with sin; though temptations will come. Christ has won that battle for us. Coming to understand this is where we find the source of true freedom.

Do you desire a spiritual freedom and confidence that you've never dreamed possible? Read Freedom today!

Currently Out of Print - Coming Soon.

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