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Coming into a relationship with the Lord somewhat later in life proved to be a great benefit to author Maurice G. Cabirac. Having spent half of his sixty-six years knowing of Christ in an intellectual fashion, as opposed to an experiential relationship with the Lord, which is attained through salvation, enables Maurice to see clearly the differences of life ‘before’ and ‘subsequent’ to salvation. Through this unique perspective and years of personal theological study, Maurice is able to communicate the tremendous effects of what the grace of God can do in the human heart – give us a joy capable of enhancing our sensitivity to the good we experience in life and swallows up the tragedy and death that is also found in it. 


While Maurice has spent forty years in the mechanical construction business as a project manager and estimator, he has always had a passion for theology and personal ministry. Throughout his live, Maurice has been a pastor, studied at seminary, and been a leader in church circles. The Lie is the second book written by Maurice. He is also the author of ‘Freedom: A commentary on the book of Galatians.’

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